Train as Natalie Portman or Leo DiCaprio

The model Miranda Kerr or Doutzen Kroes also practice this type of urban training in the process of preparation before a parade. This is Ballet Fit, a discipline recently landed in Spain and consists of sessions of 60 minutes that are divided into three blocks:

Ballet Barre (20 ‘) in which traditional bar exercises are practiced to activate the body and work out its flexibility and muscular toning.
Cardio Ballet (15 ‘) is the most artistic part that is based on simple choreographies to work on resistance and thus improve lung and cardiovascular capacity. In this period, calories are burned and toxins and accumulated fats are released.
Floor Ballet (25 ‘) with exercises inspired by ballet, yoga and / or pilates performed on a mat. Here we work the internal musculature of core, glutes and arms.

The icing on the cake is put by the relaxation exercises that improve the vital functions of the body. The classical dance is present throughout the hour, but it is not necessary to have previous experience in ballet. The music accompanying each choreography alternates classical pieces of Mozart or Bach with current songs by Beyoncé or Bruno Mars.

Ballet Fit is a way of training for all audiences, it is not designed exclusively for women. In the presentation to the press it was clear that it is a discipline suitable for all ages and sexes. In fact, it causes rage among runners, triathletes and crossfiteros because it helps them improve their physical performance by working coordination and flexibility.

Those who practice it ensure that it also promotes balance and tones the body in a harmonious way. It also restores the axis of the spine thanks to abdominal work, oxygenates the muscles and reduces muscle loads. Something important the latter in the case of pregnant women , who can also make a version of ballet fit adapted to the period of gestation.

In Spain, her promoter is the professional dancer Gloria Morales, who is beginning to implement it in gymnasiums and dance schools. In the United States, Brazil and Argentina are provoking in some cases a lifestyle that revolves around healthy habits.


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