Tips for coloring your hair

Like any other person, I understand the need to save money and budget. To reduce costs, some of my clients came to cut their hair! It is true that maintaining your hair can be quite expensive, depending on what you have done. This is the reason why more and more people decide to color their own hair at home. If you opt for a dramatic change in the color of your hair, I suggest you go to a beauty salon instead of doing it yourself. Before applying any permanent dye to your head, read these tips to color your hair.

1) It is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but do not always assume that your hair needs to be processed all the time written on the box. People with gray or resistant hair need the full amount of time to process. If you have fine hair with very little gray, the general rule is 30-35 minutes.

* Fine hair is like a sponge and the ends may darken more than the rest.
* When the color is too long, it can process darker!

2) Do not wash your hair! I know that some of these dyes available to the public tell you to apply only to clean hair. That is one thing that makes me angry. Actually, you can burn the scalp if you wash and dry the hair just before applying the permanent color. Hair dye processes quickly with heat. Washing and drying hair causes blood to flow through the scalp and produce heat. This is how you can burn your scalp. If your scalp is itching soon after applying the color, then your scalp is burning or you may be allergic to the chemicals.

* It is fine to have hair styling products already on the hair because the color will be processed anyway. In fact, I use a hair spray to help control it when I’m highlighting with sheets.
* It is okay to remove the tangles of your hair with a comb beforehand; but do not stimulate your scalp too much. Never use a brush.
* Mix a small amount of color and developer together and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on allergy tests.

3) When washing your color, wash with shampoo twice. You do not want any color left in your hair, right?

4) Do not wash your hair for 48 hours after coloring it. You can always rinse your hair with water and then use conditioner. This preserves its color and allows your hair to “heal” itself.

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