These are our favorite books of 2017 – So far

We may be living in a golden age of television where you can hang out on the couch and watch the hours of the award-winning series that are legitimately stimulating and do not feel even a little guilty about it. (Fact: We do that too, it’s our Sunday afternoon plan).

But in 2017, we would like to suggest a new concept: Instead of watching drunkenness, why not try compulsive reading? Sure, it sounds like more work than camping in front of the ol ‘boob tube. But your attention – not to mention the most literary muscles of your mind – will thank you.

That’s why we’re launching a challenge: Stop downloading the Netflix series on your phone to see when you get bored at work, between classes or at the bar with a particularly stupid Tinder date. Always have a book in your bag. And if you need some ideas for the titles to take you wherever you go – well, we have some suggestions

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