Which Project Documents Need A Change Request For Updates?

Which Project Documents Need A Change Request For Updates?

Let抯 face it: keeping on top of project management paperwork can be a big job. There are documents to create, get signed off and updated. And then there抯 finding the information again when you need to revise or use it?A project manager is never far away from a document!

What I want to focus on in this article is the process wwe immortals cheat online for updating documents and also include some tips for the Project Management Professional (PMP)?exam. A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK?Guide) defines a change request as a formal proposal to modify any document, deliverable or baseline. But does that really mean that you need to do a change request every time you want to add a new risk to your risk log? That would be really time consuming and add a lot of extra administrative overhead to the job of updating project management documents.

It is a question that we hear often from our PMP?exam prep students in the discussion forums. For example, Gunaseelan asked, 揥hat all are the project documents which requires approved change requests to get updated??Housa” had a similar question.

In this article we抣l dive into when you need a change request to update a project document and when you don抰.

And unfortunately it isn抰 a totally straightforward answer!

What Change Requests Are For

Change requests are

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