Fashion bath for the thinnest

You will not tell me that you have a complex because now the curves return and you are missing some other. Honey! There are tricks for everything. Resorts outside! You are also a real woman and in the world of Haute Couture and the big brands, you are the protagonist! Although later adapts everything to the clients and expand the ranges of sizes in Prêt à porter or even launch collections plus size . For more than a decade we are in the marvelous millennials and since the 1990s, the “catch all” policy is in the forefront.

1. VERY SLIGHT. In general terms, if you have a very thin silhouette and want to give volume in chest, hips and culete, the ideal are the frills, fringes, ties, prints, cups with filling, the very structured parts inside and On the outside to appear more, draped layers on the base structure, on the part of the neckline … Add in the area where you want to direct the view or enhance. Play with the prints with the exception of the stripes, which I do not recommend, but you are free – I would miss more! Use the different designs (one piece, bikini) to boost your “values” . With these models you will see it more clearly.

This model has a special construction of the breastplates and stuffing in addition to large flyers, but you have models with small volantitos in chest and / or culotte. Remember that moderation is always a rule to keep in mind and that at a lower height and size you must be more careful with the size and quantity of the ornaments, since you run the risk of looking like a Christmas fir.

As for stamping , flowers, paisley, Hawaiian designs, animal print … fits the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical. If we talk about types of designs (One piece, bikini), you can use whatever you want, provided you keep in mind the rest of the rules. You may be in one of these particular cases:

2.- VERY HIGH: You may be very thin, very tall. In this case I advise a bikini, the rest will make the silhouette even longer. It opts for a neckline in V, halter, bandeau or heart, that is to say: pronounced. The bikini that I propose you will get this effect by the stamping, the cut of the size of the culotte and the V-neck, besides being bandeau . Notice how many things have been taken care of in one design. I do not want to miss this section without seeing the special design of Missoni mare’s pre- fall 2015 collection, it’s perfect! If you want a one piece, combine textures, colors, cuts and designs to optically shorten the figure.

3. SLOW AND LOW. If you are very thin and short, you have a petit size . Choose a two piece with a low hip or a piece that stylizes a lot. Flee from large or reloaded prints. Better solid colors or vertical prints. Never go baggy. Always in your size.

4. SLIM WITH HIPS . I propose two options: One piece or bikini , to your liking, divides the bottom of the top being the bottom in dark, solid color, short type, structured with cuts that make it optically narrower and the top Enhanced with prints, drapes, ties, fillings, etc. Another little known option is the one piece bathing suit in a single color gradient with the upper part being lighter and the lower one darker.

5. SLIM WITH A LITTLE POMPIS. To enhance it adds volume with bows or ties, also have returned the skirts that were so fashionable at the end of the 80 and that the Spanish brand Kuny revived successfully at that time along with its characteristic white flower. Oh! What more teen fashion memories! You can use the prints but they are not too big. If you choose a good brand already they have thought for you, there is a whole design team behind.

6.GREEN WITH BIG BREAST. If you have a lot of bust forget forgetting the two pieces with brassier type triangle, will be vulgar. Remember: Halter or V necklines, good internal structure for excellent support. Solid colors at least at the top. The swimsuit model (one piece, bikini) is the same, you can choose the one you want, provided you take into account the above recommendations.

7. SLIM WITH SMALL BREAST: The ideal is a brassier type triangle. The fillings will help you a lot, they are very practical and in this case more. If you use a push up will be great. If you use draperies, beads, prints, halter necklines or other designs that direct attention to this area will be great. Bandeau necklines and designs are ideal, with filling will be perfect.

You can use one pieces with infinity of designs specially designed for this case. Today I say goodbye with this model of Eres, the master brand par excellence in interior architecture for swimmers achieved with cuts you can not see, famous for eliminating the hoops and get perfect figures. Look at this one piece bandeau making a fabulous guy!

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