With the arrival of the new year the gyms are full of enthusiasts who want to lose weight, look better, spend some time, look and feel healthy, in short, everything that the illusion of a new beginning can bring.

Enthusiastic gym members make the investment of paying membership, buying clothes, shoes, towels and anything else they may need to look and feel better before and after sweating.

Unfortunately for those who enroll in a gym, about 63 percent do not meet the resolution they made in January. And I understand them perfectly because it happened to me too many years ago.

Why does it occur?

When many changes are made in a short time, the results do not tend to be long lasting. This is why once the euphoria of the first few weeks passes, there are inconveniences to go to train: you have to go to work sooner or later, you have a family commitment or with friends, you feel depressed, your pet got sick , Called you your best friend in crisis just as you prepared to go to the gym … Only once you fail you trigger a row of absences until you finally do not even see the hair on the treadmill.

If you also have a coach that makes you a very strong routine and the next day it hurts everything, it will be less attractive to return. It’s not really the coach’s fault. Most of the times that you do exercises for the first time your body suffers and is normal, if it is the first time you do it. Muscles and tissues become inflamed but normal, is how your body adapts to have greater resistance. That was what happened to me a long time ago and I never went back to a gym.

Being in shape and having fun is compatible

After the disappointment of the gym asked me what to do to keep fit, lose weight, sweat and have fun. For many years I was a dancer and dance instructor. But by spending less time on a weekly basis, I felt that I should begin to exercise without being an ordeal. Then I started dancing in my home several times a week, as if I were training for a performance. That worked very well, until I was restricted by the hours of work and the hours that I dedicated.

Then I began to wonder what people do that has little time to do some kind of physical activity. Does nothing? Can not be! I started to research and found everything: jogging, jogging, yoga, dancing, aerobics, jogging, cycling, swimming, martial arts, Tai Chi and the list is endless. I continued the search and the common denominator was that although they did not do it for a long time, they practiced it 5 days a week but every day. Then it started to make more sense to me.

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The dance was still and it is my life, however, it did at night. Since I could not do exercises at night, I changed the schedule and decided to practice them in the morning before going to work. The first time I did, I fainted after I finished because I did it on an empty stomach. Another lesson learned: Never train in fasting. At least eat a protein bar or a fruit like banana and a glass of juice so your blood sugar levels are not affected.

I started walking around the neighborhood three times a week and I did not go wrong. He stretched before training, walked briskly for 15 minutes, heated to cool, finished breakfast, showered and worked. For a while it served me, until the rainy season began. Those days were doing aerobics at home. All very well.

Time passed and I realized that my body demanded stretching and sometimes something slower. A long time ago I had taken yoga so with what I remembered I resumed the routine and it was phenomenal. My body appreciated the minutes that I dedicated to the physical conditioning and it showed with muscular tone, more energy and the clothes I was starting to be released.

Time passed and Zumba came to my life. The perfect combination of dancing and exercise. Not the traditional exercise, which for me is boring. Fun music and a little more accentuated dance moves to turn them into more active workout and tone the whole body. A marvel!

With the enthusiasm of Zumba also came the desire to practice more times per week. I was going for 5 days and it felt really good. Some days walked, others did Zumba and other yoga. Phenomenal!

Why it works

Your body is made to move, to be slender, healthy and strong. Unlike most machines we use daily, the more you move and use your body, the better it works. If you are looking for an alternative to start moving, with 15 minutes to start you do well. If you can do 30 minutes is excellent or as long as you can. The important thing is that if you only have 15 minutes, it is great and your body will thank you.

It is a wonder that with that time you dedicate yourself, your body begins to eliminate toxins, your circulatory and lymphatic system are activated and your organs are better oxygenated. In addition, your memory improves, you feel better, tone your body, help you feel more relaxed and helps you sleep. There are many articles and studies that confirm the benefits of intense and short-term training. You can read some of them here.

Today, and several years later, I combine Zumba with Spinning, yoga, depending on my mood and instead of 15 minutes, I train for 30 minutes and seven days a week. It feels incredible. Who would say it all started with a 15 minute walk 3 times a week.

Add a motion menu to your life

A menu of movement is a list of options that inspire you to move depending on your energy level, mood, time and endurance.

When you have a list of options you can choose how to move according to your mood. Below, I offer you a list of suggestions that have served and inspired me to shake the skeleton and keep me active. I hope they work for you too.

  • To ride a bike
  • Walk
  • Play cuica
  • Play on a trampoline
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Zoom
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Sowing in the garden
  • Wash the car
  • Clean the house
  • Running skates
  • Play Tennis / Golf / Basketball / Baseball / Soccer / Volleyball
  • Play with the kids
  • Lift weights
  • TRX
  • Acuaerobics

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