3 Hot Trends for Your Summer 2017 Wardrobe

Dressing to impress couldn’t be easier this summer as plenty of incredible clothing trends have arisen.

We’ve seen the arrival of peekaboo dresses and sliders have certainly had their five minutes of fame, but there are three particular trends which will really spice up your wardrobe.

Feeling put together is one of life’s greatest pleasures so, if you want to take your summer style to the next level, try incorporating these three trends into your repertoire of outfits.



Nothing says summer quite like a pretty floral piece, so we’re not surprised that they’re really having their moment this year.

In fact, floral clothing has played such a big role in 2017’s summer style that Missy Empire even has a whole section dedicated to them on their website. Whether you go for a mere splash of floral or you opt for floral head-to-toe, rocking this trend will get you turning heads wherever you go.

However, this look works best when it takes centre stage; try matching them with neutral colours to soften the floral prints or take things up a notch and give your look that extra bit of edge by pairing florals with stripes.


Off the shoulder

This trend has made a few appearances over the years but has had a massive impact on the fashion world in 2017. The look gives you both sex appeal and an air of confidence, so we can see how this look has taken off and is now an absolute must-have in the wardrobe of any style-conscious individual.

Because this look falls in between casual and dressy, you can dress it up or dress it down to suit any occasion, whilst still being completely comfortable and totally chic. Whether you love or hate this trend, you’ll definitely be seeing it everywhere on the high street this summer.

If you’re not quite sure how to nail this look, there’s a Complete Guide to Wearing off the Shoulder Tops and Dresses which will massively help you out.


All pink everything

This year’s style trends have been all about bringing a bit of liveliness to your wardrobe, which is why pink has been so popular. The best part of this trend is that it doesn’t have to be in your face if you don’t want it to be; all shades of pink from hot to pastel are completely in style at the moment, so embracing your inner Barbie is all you need to do to look on point this summer.

To pull off this look, you need to consider how the shade will interact with the other items you’re wearing. If you’re going to be wearing a bold pink piece, try pairing it with something casual, such as your favourite pair of jeans or a black skirt.

Wearing a softer hue gives you more options in terms of jazzing it up with accessories and pairing it with bold prints. If you’re struggling to make pink work for you, browse this post for some useful pointers.

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